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We work exclusively with blue collar business owners with a tax bill of $50,000 or more.

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At Sky Tower Counsel, we’ve seen a concerning trend in traditional financial planning for successful blue-collar families, often focused more on the financial professional’s gain than the family’s needs, leading to “band-aid solutions.”

 Our unique approach cuts to the core of financial challenges, integrating tax, estate, and wealth planning to protect and enhance blue-collar businesses and families against economic downturns.

 We champion tax reduction through moral, legal, and ethical strategies, empowering our clients as the true heroes of their financial narratives. Join us in a realm where financial goals and ethical values meet, ensuring your wealth grows and remains secure.


I want to keep my IRA away from the IRS


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Smart tax planning can make a significant difference in the wealth-building process. It’s not just about minimizing liability; it’s about maximizing opportunities.

— Mark Cuban

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I want to legally keep my taxes away from the IRS

Large organizations, especially in finance and law, prioritize strategies that benefit their bottom line over client interests in tax reduction. This bias often results in clients losing out.

Clients dealing with various professionals often face communication gaps and delays. Sky Tower Counsel believes it’s not the client’s responsibility to handle intricate tax details or perform proactive tax work in their already busy lives.



At Sky Tower Counsel, Dallas Richardson leads an exceptional team of 53 specialized team members, each representing a firm dedicated to mastering a distinct facet of the intricate tax code. Our belief is simple yet profound: to truly maximize the tax benefits hidden within the pages of the tax code, we need experts with a mile of depth in their respective areas.


Our team is comprised of industry thought leaders, individuals that have dedicated their careers to becoming the foremost authorities in their specialties. This commitment to specialization sets us apart from the small, local teams of generalists, who often lack the expertise to unearth the myriad tax-saving opportunities available.

The consequences of working with such generalists can be substantial, including overpaying in taxes, miscommunication, limited advice and a lack of proactive, year-round collaboration. At Sky Tower Counsel, our specialized team functions seamlessly as a cohesive unit, ensuring that your unique tax mitigation strategy is meticulously crafted, unbiased, and comprehensive.


Our unwavering dedication to the success of the blue-collar entrepreneur is rooted in our core belief that you deserve to keep more of your money, all while adhering to the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards.

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I want to legally keep my taxes away from the IRS



The US tax code, with over 80,000 pages, offers valuable insights for blue-collar entrepreneurs, often overlooked by institutions focused on selling products. The author advocates for a more open-minded approach.

Sky Tower Counsel is dedicated to unbiased and comprehensive problem-solving, prioritizing client benefits without compromising ethics. They focus on customized approaches, emphasizing client interests over product sales or asset management.

Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which best pays the treasury.

— Learned Hand

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I want to legally keep my taxes away from the IRS

“Advisors give advice in relation to their compensation, and are found on every block. Counselors ask clarifying questions, without a dog in this hunt, that is why we are family wealth counselors.”



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I want to legally keep my taxes away from the IRS

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